Monday, April 2, 2012

A new old lumber jack song


Pippa said...

Hi Stephen,

I work with Andrew down here at GreenWood Resources. My wife and I have recently acquired several goats on a small piece of land. We've got some fences that we thought were pretty good, but they keep escaping.

We thought we would explore the electric fence option. Andrew said you might know a thing or two about electric fences and small/medium farm stock. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks in advance if you have time to respond. Have a good day, take care


Stephen Bourque said...

Hi Andrew,electric fence will work good for your goats, get the best one you can afford. Keep it in a building (the unit) even if it says it is weather proof. If you already have page wire run a strand or two down low inside the page wire. Secondly your ground is very important bury two or three ground plates at least two feet deep (three feet deep if your soil is soft). The circuit is completed through their feet then the soil then the ground plates.