Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This is why I got rid of Facebook and use the internet to share things with people I only know because of the internet. The people around me have to use old methods of conversation... phone etc. And I would say in all conversation ..... less is more. Click the link below and watch carefully.

Put down that phone!

spring at last

The black flies should arrive today as well :-)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Another vocation to the priesthood coming from our our humble parish of St.Ambrose

On Saturday, May 10 at 7pm, Brother Pio (Sean) Libby (Franciscan of Halifax) will be
ordained by Archbishop Mancini to the transitional diaconate. The ordination will take place at St.Catherine’s Church in Halifax. Sean is originally from our parish and so this gives us great joy that another from our community has answered God’s call to serve the Lord in ordained ministry. Let us pray for Brother Pio as he takes this next step in responding to God’s call.