Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Frozen Logger

The words and chords to a well loved song.

The Frozen Logger

James Stevens

C                                  G7
As I sat down one evening,
'Twas in a small caf e,
A forty year old waitress
   G7                                  C
To me these words did say:

I see that you're a logger,
And not a common bum,
For no one but a logger
Stirs coffee with his thumb.

I once had a logger lover,
There's none like him today.
If you poured whisky on it,
He'd eat a bail of hay.

He never shaved a whisker
Off of his horny hide;
He hammered in the bristles,
And bit them off inside.

My logger came to see me,
'Twas on a winter's day;
He held me in a fond embrace
That broke three vertebrae.

He kissed me when we parted
So hard it broke my jaw;
I couldn't speak to tell him
He forgot his mackinaw.

I saw my logger lover
Go stridin' through the snow,
A-goin' gaily homeward
At forty-eight below.

The weather tried to freeze him,
It did its very best;
At a hundred degrees below zero,
He buttoned up his vest.

It froze clear down to China,
It froze to the stars above;
At a thousand degrees below zero,
It froze my logger love.

They tried in vain to thaw him,
And if you believe it sir,
They made him into axe blades
To cut the Douglass Fir.

And so I lost my logger,
And to this cafe I've come,
And it's here I wait for someone
To stir coffee with his thumb.


Caeseria said...

Sounds like something by Robert Service made into a folk song. I've never heard that one before!

woodcutter said...

It's little song I learned in the woods many years ago. I used to sing the part about stirring his coffee with his thumb to my little boy and he would replace the word "thumb" with various things, like his lego, or his truck. We would always laugh at the joke he made.