Friday, May 23, 2008

To my American Brothers and Friends

“Can a faithful Catholic be a good American? Can a good American be a faithful Catholic?”

I think “yes” would be my answer. A faithful Catholic for one thing
would mean that you practice your faith in the most elemental way
starting with your self and your homes. If America is indeed the land
of the free then we (as faithful Catholics) have a choice when we leave
home and head of to work. Do we follow the lost or do we strive for the
“eye of the needle”? The gov’t will do as it will in what ever country
we live in. Just because we are a minority does not make us any less
citizens. And yes we are a minority. When the secular world approves a
law contrary to Gods law we as Roman Catholics are obligated to appose
the law with a resounding no, thus participating as a legal citizen. If
we do not appose such laws are we not also saying I forfeit my right as
a citizen. I say “run the good race” and not only will you be a good
Catholic but also a good citizen.

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